File Transfer Protocol

What is File Transfer Protocol?
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is primarily used to transfer files between computers via a network such as the Internet. FTP can be used to access online software archives, exchange files between computers, and transfer files between an account and a desktop computer. It can also be used to transfer files and other programs to your computer from other servers. It is one of the fastest and most efficient methods for transferring images and other files to and from your computer.
What is FileZilla?
FileZilla is the most commonly used FTP software and is free to download. FileZilla consists of the FileZilla Client and. FileZilla is quite user-friendly and can be used to upload, download, and manage files and folders. FileZilla is encrypted to protect your data while connected to a server.
How can I access my website using FileZilla?
In order to access your website using FileZilla, click “File” and then “Site Manager.” The following screen will display.
Enter your FTP HOST ADDRESS (such as . Protocol should be set to FTP – File Transfer Protocol. Encryption defaults to Use explicit FTP over TLS if available which is the recommended setting. Login type should be set to normal, then enter the username and password. Click connect to connect to your website.
To upload a file, right click on a file under the Local Site and click “upload”. If successful, the file should appear on the remote site.
In order to download a file, right click a file on the remote site and click “download”. If successful, the file should display under the local site.