How to Create Your Own Site Backup

This article describes how to create your own backup of your website files and your database. 
Creating your own complete backup of your website files and database involves two main steps:
  1. Backup all site files using FTP
  2. Backup site database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Before you get started you will need the following:
  1. MarketGrabber Account Setup Information - when your account is created, we send you an account setup email.  In that email message you will find two sets of information you will need:
    1. FTP Connection Information - this will be used to connect to your hosting server. You will need the FTP server address, FTP username and FTP password to connect to your hosting server.
    2. Microsoft SQL Server Database Connection Information - this will be used to connect your copy of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to your database.  You will need the database server IP address, database name ,database username and database password.
  2. FTP Program - you will need to have an FTP program installed on your computer.  If you don't currently have one, we'd suggest you use FileZilla which is a free FTP program available from
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - this is free from Microsoft and can be downloaded from
Backup Process
  1. Backup All Site Files Using FTP - connect to your hosting computer using your FTP program. Once you are connected to your site, copy all files and folders on the site to your own computer.  You now have a backup of all files on your site.
  2. Backup Your Database - You will now create a database script file that can be used to recreate your database structure and database content on another server running Microsoft SQL server.  Connect to your MS SQL server database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Right mouse click on your database name.  Click on Tasks and then click on Generate Scripts.  The "Generate and Publish Scripts" wizard will appear.  Click next.  Select "Script entire database and all database objects".  Click next.   Click on the "Advanced" button.  Scroll down until you see the option "Types of Data to Script".  Change this value from "Schema Only" to "Schema and Data".  Click Ok.  Select "Save to file" option.  Enter the File Name where you want to save your script file - for example mydbbackup.sql.  Check "Overwrite Existing File".  Select Save As "Unicode text".  Click the Next Button.  "Review your selections" will appear.  Click on previous to make any changes to your selections.  Click the Next button to generate your script file.  This will now create your database script file.  This may take several minutes to run depending on the size of your database and the speed of your connection.
  1. If you would like us to create a zip file backup of your site and your database, please submit a support ticket.  The cost for us to create this for you is $49.
  2. If you need training or assistance in how to use FTP or MS SQL Server Management studio, please search online for assistance.  We do not provide instruction on how to use these programs.
  3. If you need to restore your site to another computer (not ours), you'll need to contact the owner/service provider for the other computer on how to reinstall your site on a different server.  We can also provide this installation service for you.  Contact us for current pricing and system requirements.