Classifieds Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks allow the site administrator to send notifications to customers when their listings and subscriptions are about to expire and also notification of any new listings that match any saved searches they may have in their account.

To run Classifieds scheduled tasks login to the backoffice

Click on the Classified - Scheduled Tasks.

Each task has a link for you to click with a set of default parameters.  If you would like to change the default parameters you can copy the links listed below and change the parameters as needed.

(Replace with your site domain name)

Listings Expiration  (notify customers of listings expiring today - this is the default link)   (notify customers of listings expiring in 5 days)   (notify customers of listings that expired 5 days ago)

Subscription Expiration  (notify customers of subscriptions expiring today - this is the default link) adminST_SubExpire.aspx?e=CL&days=5   (notify customers of subscriptions expiring in 5 days) adminST_SubExpire.aspx?e=CL&days=-5  (notify customers of subscriptions that expired 5 days ago)

Saved Searches   (find new listings that match from yesterday) CLadminST_SavedSearch.asp?startDate=mm/dd/yyyy&endDate=mm/dd/yyyy  (modify the start and end dates of this url to search between a specific time frame)

After you copy and paste the url into your browser you can change the number on the end to the number of days ahead or back that you would like to send the notification for.