How to enter Banner Ads (Display Advertising) on your site

MarketGrabber gives you the ability to add “display advertising” to every page on your site.  Display advertising can include: banner ads, HTML ads, JavaScript ads, network ads such as Google ads or any content that can be created using HTML and JavaScript (this includes Flash and other multi-media). 


  1. Click on Content/Reference – Display Advertising.

  2. Click the Add New Record button in the top right.

  3. Enter the Title - this is for your information only

  4. Select the Edition to run the display ad in (or select Full Website for all editions)

  5. Select the Target Page to run the display ad on
    You can choose to run the display ad on a single page or multiple pages.  To enter a display ad on a category page choose Specific Page, enter Browse.aspx for the Page File name, select the category from the drop down box.

    • Specific Page – enter the Page File Name of the page to run the display ad on.
    • All Pages – this will run the display ad in the selected position on all site pages.
    • Global Default – this will run the display ad in the selected position on all site pages that have no other display ad specified.
  6. Select the Position of the display ad (Header, Top, Middle, Bottom or Right).  
    Note:  Middle position is only available on the site home page and the category browse pages.  

  7. Enter Active Dates to run the display ad.

  8. Enter the Sort Order
    This is a number that is used to order your display ads.  For example three display ads with an order of 100, 200 and 300 are presented in ascending numerical order.  This allows you to establish any arbitrary order for your display ads.

  9. Select Image File to upload a graphic banner ad.  You can enter the alternative text to display when someone moves their cursor over the ad and a URL to a website page.
    Select the Pasted Code option to enter code if the ad is an HTML ad, paste the HTML code here.  If the ad is a network ad and you have been given code to “paste into your page” such as Google Ads, paste that code here.  Any valid HTML or JavaScript may be entered.

Example Google Adsense display ad.

Example of a display ad to be displayed on a specific category page only.

If you need to enter an animated gif banner ad please see the following support article for instructions -