Pre-Requisites: Sign up for an account. Go to to get started. After you have acquired an account, login to it using the instructions provided by Please note if you have questions about your account, please contact them, not us.

You will need to get an API Login ID and Transaction key for your site to be able to use your acccount.

1. Login to your account to Gather your Settings Information

Click on Settings
Click on API Login ID and Transaction Key
Record the API Login ID Shown on the screen
Create a New Transaction Key and record it.

2. Login to your MarketGrabber Backoffice to Update Your Settings

Click on System
Click on Settings Wizard
Click on Site Wide Settings
Click on Payment Processing
Under Integrated Payment Processing, make sure current status is Enabled
Choose from the Payment Gateway Dropdown list and press the Setup Gateway Button
Current settings appear (these are usually demo settings after initial installation)
Click on the Make Changes button.
In the Login box, enter the Login ID you recorded above
In the Transaction Key box, enter the Transaction Key you recorded above
Set Test Mode to Live or Test depending on your preferences.
Set the cards you accept.
Enter a payment message – this is text that appears to your customers when they make a payment.
Press the Save Changes Button.

Testing Note: If you set Test Mode to YES – you can run test transactions with a card number of 4111111111111111 (4 followed by 15 1’s).