How to Add New Pages

How to Create a New Page in MarketGrabber Software
You can add new pages to your site from the backoffice.  Click on Content/Reference – Page Content.  In the top right click the Add New Record button.

  • Select the Edition the new page should be created in.
  • Enter the page file name, this will end with .aspx. 
  • Enter the H1 title for the new page.
  • Click the Add Record button in the top right to save the page.

You can create a link from an existing page of the site located in your backoffice under Content/Reference - Page Content.  You can also add a link to this new page from other areas of the software such as home page content that includes the HTML/Text editor.  Select the page to open that you wish to add this link to.   

  • Select and highlight the text to add the link too.  
  • Click the “Insert/Edit URL Link” button in the HTML editor toolbar. 
  • Enter the page file name in the URL field.
  • Click the Ok button to save the link.

If you need to place the link to this new page in the top navigation or footer navigation, then you will need to access the source code files on the server of each edition that you have installed.  Knowledge of ASP.NET will be required to do this.

If you are not familiar with this process and/or do not want to attempt to create additional pages, we do offer this as an additional service to you.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.