How to add HTML/Javascript code to <head> section

You can add HTML/Javascript code to insert into the <head> section of your website such as "Facebook Pixel Code".  There are two different areas of the backoffice this code can be inserted.

Insert code on all pages of your website
You will want to enter this code in the Settings Wizard.  Open your backoffice Settings Wizard.  Click on the tab of the edition you would like to insert the code in.  In this example we will use Directory Settings - General.  Click the Make Changes button at the bottom of the screen and insert the code in the HTML Header code for all pages field.

Insert code on a specific page of your website

In the backoffice click on Content/Reference - Page Content.  Click the Edit link to open the page that you would like to insert code into.  

Toward the bottom of the screen you will see a box Header Code for this page.  Paste your code into the box and click the Update Record button to save the changes.