Recurring Billing with Multi-Listing Subscription Plans

Recurring Billing with Multi-Listing Subscription Plans
A common question we are asked is how to setup multi-listing subscription plans with recurring billing.  This article describes common setups for these items.
Recurring Billing and Subscriptions
A multi-listing subscription pricing plan is used for customers that will be creating multiple listings.  It is common for these types of customers to want to pay on a monthly or quarterly basis.  
Example: Let's go thru this by setting up a one-year multi-listing job posting subscription that includes 10 jobs and is paid monthly. In this example the job posting will only display on the site for 90 days in order to keep the content fresh and up-to-date.
Here is what that entry will look like:
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When a customer purchases this subscription they will pay $99 every month for 12 months.  The subscription will last for 12 months total (subscription duration).  Any job posting run using this subscription will run for 90 days (the listing duration).  Up to 10 job postings may be running at any time during the subscription duration.
Common Mistakes
  1. Setting the subscription duration to 90 days.  You want the subscription duration to equal the total amount of time the customer is being charged.
  2. Setting the listing duration longer than the subscription duration.
  3. Create a subscription for 1 listing - a subscription is intended for multiple listings.   You can use recurring billing on individual listing plans.
Special Note about Recurring Billing 
Only select payment processors/gateways support recurring billing in MarketGrabber.  If you want to use recurring billing you need to use Stripe, or PayPal Website Payments Standard (excludes Pay Flow Pro and Payments Pro) as your payment processor.