Job Import - Overview

The MarketGrabber Job Import Add-On makes it easy for employers to send you "feeds" of their open job postings.

Getting Feeds from Employer's ATS
Most mid to large sized employers use an ATS system (applicant tracking system) to manage their job postings, applicants, onboarding processes, etc.  Most ATS systems have built in features to create a feed of job postings.

Key Features for Your Employers
- No Development - there is no software development required of your employer.    
- No Data Entry - your employer does not need to manually enter jobs into your site.    
- New Job Detection - Your site automatically detects employer's new job postings.    
- Deleted Job Detection - Your site automatically removes employer's deleted jobs postings.   
- Frictionless Job Applications - Job applicants go directly to the employer without the applicants having to go thru additional steps on your site.      
- Up to Date - Your site is automatically in synch with the employer    
- Analytics - Employers can access data about job views, applicants, etc.

For Employers without an ATS
If your employer does not have an ATS or system that can create a feed of their jobs, another option is for you to setup a "scrape" of their website that lists their current job openings. We can help you work with a "job wrapping/job scraping" service that can read the employer's website and generate the required feed.