TLS Security Updates

If you have received a notice from, Paypal, Eway or other payment processors regarding "TLS UPDATES", please review this information.
All of our servers are up to date with the latest updates related to the Windows operating system.
  • MarketGrabber software Versions Up to 7.0.g - all of our customers using secure connections with payment gateways have received a software update.  We applied this update to your site in January of 2018.  No action is required on your part.
  • MarketGrabber software Versions 8 and above - were already compliant with TLS security update requirements.  No action is required on your part.
So in summary, if you are using our hosting and using payment systems such as, Paypal Website Payments Pro or other integrated payment gateways there is no action needed on your part.  We've already taken care of it.
If you are using Paypal standard (customer leaves your site to pay with Paypal and then returns to your site) there are no TLS related changes required on your site.  
First you need to ensure that your hosting company has applied operating system patches to ensure your hosting computer is compliant with TLS security requirements.  Do not contact us regarding this item. Contact your hosting company if you are not sure about this.
If you are using an integrated payment gateway such as or EWay to take payments directly through your site and you have SSL installed to ensure a secure connection and you are running a version of our software less than 8.0, you may need an update for your software.  The update and update instructions may vary depending on your platform and installation setup.  If you think you need an update, please submit a ticket using this support site and we will then contact you directly via email to describe the update process.  You may also want to consider upgrading to our latest software where support for TLS updates is already built-in - along with tons of other great, new features!