How to create price plans

The software has 3 different types of price plans available.  Individual, Subscription and Category.  Individual price plans are to purchase a single listing.  Subscription price plans are to purchase multiple listings for one price.  Category price plans are applied to a specific category only. 
If you have multiple editions of the software installed, then pricing is separate for each edition.  In this example we will use Directory edition.
To set up a price plan from the backoffice click on Directory – Pricing.  You will see sample price plans that come set up in the software.  Click the Edit link to edit and existing plan or click the Add New Record button to create a new price plan.
Active – Set this to Yes to make the price plan active.
Plan Type – Select Individual, Subscription or Category.
Description – Enter a description of the price plan.  This will be displayed on the price plan purchase page.
Price – Enter the price of the plan.
Recurring – set to Yes if you would like the price plan to automatically renew and charge the customer.
NOTE:  This is only available with
Duration – Set the length of time the listings will run under this plan.
Sort Order – Set the order in which the price plans will display on the pricing page.
Plan Options – customize each price plan to include the following options:
  • Max Photos - The number of photos that can be added to the listing (up to 10).
  • Includes URL - The listing will include a website link.
  • Includes Video - The listing will include the ability to embed a video.
  • Includes Featured - The listing will be Featured and display on the home page and at the top of browse and search results.
  • Includes Coupon - The listing will include the ability to upload or create a coupon.