Mailbox Unavailable Error Message

There are several reasons why you can see the message "Mailbox Unavailable" when your website sends an email message.
Here are the things you can check If your website is trying to send an email message (such as when someone registers on your site) and you get the error message "Mailbox Unavailable".
  1. Check your Settings Wizard Email Server Settings -  Login to your back office.  Click on System then click on Settings Wizard.   In the Settings Wizard, click on Site Wide Settings and then click on Email Server.  Make sure your Email Server settings are correct. One common issue here is that you may change the password to the email address listed here but forget to re-enter the password on this settings page.   If you  have installed MarketGrabber on your own hosting computer (rather than purchase our hosting) you will need to get the Email Server settings for this page from your hosting company.  Note that you can test your current email server settings  by clicking on the "Test Email Settings" link on this page.
  2. Check Your Email Templates - make sure the From Email address on your email template is a valid email address that is active and setup in your email server.  All of your email templates can be accessed via your Back Office, under the menu heading "Common".
  3. Check the Recipient Email Address - if the recipient email address is invalid, the software may display "Mailbox Unavailable". 
  4. Is Your Domain Name Live?  If your domain name is not yet live (you are running your site using a temporary site address or IP address), your site may not be able to send transactional email messages.