Setting Up Your Website to Use as Your Email Server

If you would like to use to host your email, please follow these steps:


  1. Get your email account setup with - follow their support instructions on how to do this.
  2. DNS Settings - Once your account is setup we will need the following information to enter into our DNS servers so that your email will be handled by
    1. DNS MX Record or Records required by
    2. Any other DNS records that requires
    3. Send these DNS records to us via a support Ticket
  3. Email Server Settings - You will need to setup an email account on your email server to allow your website to send "transactional" email messages such as "Thanks for registering".  Once you have this email account setup you will need to enter the following information into your website via your Back Office Settings Wizard - General Settings - Email Server:
    SMTP Server Address
    SMTP Port Number
    Email Address your website will use to send email messages
    Password For your email address
    SMTP SSL Enabled Setting
    You can get the SMTP Server Address, Port Number and SMTP SSL Enabled settings from your account or by contacting support for your account.