DNS Entries for a Sub-Domain

If your MarketGrabber website is setup as a sub-domain of your primary website, this applies to you.

In this case, rather than change DNS servers, you will need to add entries to your DNS servers for your sub-domain name so that when someone uses your sub-domain name it goes to your MarketGrabber website, rather than your main website.

What You Need - open a copy of the MarketGrabber Account Setup Email you received.  Under the headingMarketGrabber Public Web Site look for the line titled Web Site Alternate Address.

For example:

Assume your main domain name and main website is www.YOURDOMAIN.com
Assume you have purchased MarketGrabber classifieds and that is installed in it's own hosting account under a sub-domain name of  classifieds.YOURDOMAIN.com.
Assume the main website YOURDOMAIN.com has an example alternate address listed of http://yoursite.w01.winhost.com

To get your sub-domain name of classifieds.YOURDOMAIN.com to point to your classifieds website, do the following:

1. Login to your DNS Managment Service for your main domain name.  This is usually one of:
a. the control panel for the domain name registrar where your domain name is registered
b. the control panel for the hosting company that provides hosting for your main website
c. You have an IT support group that takes care of this for you.

2. Create a DNS "A" record that points classifieds.YOURDOMAIN.com to yoursite.w01.winhost.com

IMPORTANT: replace the example domain name, sub-domain name and alterate addresses shown above with your real names (do not copy the above verbatim).