Setup your Website to Use Google Search Console

Setup your Website to Use Google Search Console


Make sure you are first logged into your Google Account.  If you don't have one, create a Google account.


Google Search Console

Start here:

At the top left of the page,  press Add Property:



Enter your domain name:


And press Continue.


DNS TXT Record

A DNS TXT record will need to be added the authoritative DNS servers for your site.  If we are managing your DNS (most sites), copy the TXT record shown on the Verify domain ownership via DNS record that appears:


Email the TXT record you've copied to us and we will set it up for you.

Press Verify Later.


We will setup your TXT record in our DNS servers and notify you when that is complete.


Verifying Your Domain Ownership

Go back to the Google Search Console .

A popup should appear such as:


Press the Verify button.  Google will detect your new DNS record and consider your site verified.


Now you can use the tools withing Google Search Console.


Site Maps Submission

The typical next step is to create a Site Map for your web site.  You can do this in your administrative backoffice.

Login to your back office.

Click on the Content/Reference heading.

Click on the Site Map menu item.

This will generate a new site map for your website.

At the bottom of the page you'll see Site Map URL.

Copy this URL.

In Google Search Console click on Sitemaps and complete the form labelled  "Add a new sitemap" and press Submit.