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AddThis is Shutting Down May 31, 2023 - Replace with


Many sites have used to create "sharing" buttons on their websites.  This includes sharing to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  The AddThis service is shutting down on May 31, 2023. Sharing Buttons that use the AddThis service will stop working completely on May 31, 2023 and may stop working prior to that date.


The service can easily be used to generate new sharing buttons on your website.


Go to for an overview of the ShareThis service.

To create a FREE account go to:

Once you have an account, we recommend you use their Sticky Share Buttons for your website.

Use their easy online configuration to create the buttons you want.

Once you are done share this will give you code to paste into your website.

Copy/save that code.


Add Sharing Buttons to Your Website

To apply ShareThis Sticky Share buttons to your website:


  1. Login to your website     backoffice.
  2. Go to Settings, Add-Ons     Settings, Social Networking and click the Make Changes button:
  3. On older versions of MarketGrabber, clear the 1st box and paste your ShareThis code in the second box and then press the Save Changes button:


In newer versions of MarketGrabber,  clear the box labelled "Sharing Code for All Pages" and paste your ShareThis code in the box.  Then press the Save changes button.


  1. Your Sharing buttons will now appear on your website.