Recurring Billing with Individual Listing Plans

Recurring Billing with Individual Listing Plans
A common question we are asked is how to setup individual listing plans with recurring billing.  This article describes common setups for these items.
Recurring billing can be used for a customer that is purchasing a single listing.  It is often attractive to your customer to be able to pay for a service over time rather than all up front.
Here is what a sample entry for this looks like:
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When a customer purchases this 1 listing they will pay $49 three times over 90 days.  The listing will run for  90 days (the listing duration). 
Common Mistakes
  1. Setting the listing duration longer than the amount of time (90 days) the customer is paying for the listing.
  2. Charging the customer longer than the listing duration. 
Special Note about Recurring Billing
Only select payment processors/gateways support recurring billing in MarketGrabber.  If you want to use recurring billing you need to use Stripe, or PayPal Website Payments Standard (excludes Pay Flow Pro and Payments Pro) as your payment processor.