AddThis - How to Create Sharing Buttons

AddThis - How to Create Sharing Buttons
This article provides a brief overview of creating "share" buttons for your site using the service.
To get started go to and create an account.
Next you need to do 2 things in AddThis:
  1. Get the Code - copy the Javascript code provided by AddThis and enter it into your MarketGrabber site settings
  2. Configure Your Add This Sharing Buttons - setup AddThis to display sharing buttons on your site.
Get the Code
You can copy the Javascript code from this screen in AddThis:
Then login to your MarketGrabber site Back Office.   Go to your settings.  Under "Add Ons Settings" click on Social Networking.  Then click the Make Changes button.  Enter your Add This code where shown below:
Save your changes.
Configure Your Add This Sharing Buttons
Back in your AddThis account you need to configure the Sharing Buttons you want AddThis to deliver to your website pages.   NOTE: if you do not configure the Sharing Buttons in AddThis you won't see any Sharing buttons on your site.
In AddThis click on Tools from the main menu bar.
Machine generated alternative text:
Then click on ADD NEW TOOL
Machine generated alternative text:
All Tool Types 
Select Share Buttons:
Machine generated alternative text:
Share Buttons 
Make it easy for visitors to share your 
content online. 
Select a Tool 
Follow Buttons 
Grow your social audience, one 
follow at a time. 
Related Posts 
Keep your audience hooked with 
your most popular content.
Select a Floating Tool Type and press the continue button.  Configure your Share Buttons as desired:
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Back to Select a Tool Type 
Sharing Services 
Smart Sorting by AddThis 
O Selected by You 
Selected Sharing Services 
Activate Tool 
Change Preview Size: 
And then press the Activate Tool button.

For detailed help on how to use AddThis, please refer to the help built into the site.