Scheduling Tasks on a Mac

Apple Mac's come with a program called Automator that you can use to execute scheduled tasks on your site.
This example assumes your domain name is and the scheduled task you are running is Saved Job Searches.
You can use Mac Automator to execute a URL in Safari daily at a scheduled time.  In this example you will automatically run Safari and get the following URL (put this in the Get Specified URL's box) shown in the illustration below: 
This URL will execute the Saved Job Searches scheduled task.
Here is a guide on how to use Automator for this purpose.
  1. Open Automator
  2. Choose type: Calendar Alarm
  3. Drop action 'Get Specified URLs' in
  4. Drop action 'New Safari Documents' in
  5. Save Automator action
  6. Give the Calendar alarm a name
  7. The Calendar app will open now
  8. Edit the Calendar event - repeat every day at 08:30
Youtube also has a number of videos that describe how to use Mac Automator.
Search for "mac automator examples".
See your Mac help and this Apple support article for more details about Mac Automator:
To find the URL for for any scheduled task:
Login to your back office.
In the left menu, click on Scheduled Tasks
Position your cursor over the Link/Button for the task
Right mouse to copy the hyperlink