Windows XP Users Getting SSL Certificate Errors

NOTE: this is not likely to be relevant to computers more recent than Windows XP.

: Windows XP with automatic updates is supposed to automatically update certificate stores on the Windows XP platform so that Windows XP keeps up to date with the latest SSL technologies and SSL certificate providers.  Interactions of some Windows XP anti-virus, firewall and security software may prevent Windows XP from updating its store of these certificates.

Fix:  Microsoft provides downloads to provide updates for Root Certificates.  If a customer reports this problem, have them go to the following link to download and install this Microsoft update:

Update for Root Certificates [November 2009] (KB931125)

Additional Notes:

  1. As of the date this was written the November 2009 update is the latest available from Microsoft.
  2. This error has nothing to do with our new .NET based software.  The same error occurs using classic ASP software.
  3. This error is more likely to occur after October 2009 because SSL certificates now require longer RSA keys in the CSR used to generate the SSL certificate, thus requiring that the XP certificate store be up to date.


Article ID: 13, Created On: 7/22/2011, Modified: 7/22/2011